What Is Wild Food?

Aalambi, Amarkand, Kadkinda, Kartoli, Kombada, Chai, Chinchurda, Tembhurna, Pipana, Faang, Fodashi, BerSingh, Bokari, Mahalunga, Rakt Kanchan, Ran Keli, Runkhala, Vangothi, Shevle, Halanda, Hadga......

The Sounds of these words Suggest these are from some Foreign Language, but that is not true. These are the local indigenous Indian names of our Vegetables, Tubers & Roots foraged from the Forests. There are more than 200 #Vegetables#Tubers & #Roots which are grown within the radius of 100 kms of our very own Mumbai city.....

Mumbai City which is used to hearing Aaloo, Gavar, Bhendi, Fansi, Gajar, Kobi, Flower... & to add to it we have started being comfortable with Zucchini, Broccoli, Asparagus, Bokchoy, Celery, & some more.

Aren’t we getting carried away with Marketing done by Billion Dollar food Industry On

What to Eat ? 


How to Eat ?...

Oats, Quinoa, Chia to name a few have come out of it.

We have Survived over 10,000 Years on our Locally grown food and food foraged from the Forests. Then why has it Disappeared now ?

Get Answers to many such Questions,

Know what you eat? 


Know what to eat ?

At #WILD #FOOD #FESTIVAL (#रान #भाज्या #मोहत्सव

Organized by OOO Farms

OOO Farms is a Social Venture with roots in Sustainable Chemical-Free Farming carried inside #Kalsubai #Harischandragadh #Wildlife Sanctuary & Many Other Regions of the Sahyadris, Supporting Directly and Indirectly more then 2200 Tribal Farmers. We are also working towards Conserving Forests, it's Food & the Tribal Community connected to them.

Come Find Out More About the Rich Food Culture of India at the रान भाज्या मोहत्सव  - Wild Foods Festival 2022.