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Ambi Moti Rice (Unpolished) / आंबी मोती

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Low In GI, digestion friendly & good for infants and older people

Best for congee, baby food & payasam

OOO Farms Ambi Moti Rice (Unpolished)
OOO Farms Ambi Moti Rice (Unpolished) Package Frontside
OOO Farms Ambi Moti Rice (Unpolished) in a Bowl

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Ambi Moti is a Highly Aromatic Short Rice Variety. The mountainous region where it grows, helps the development of the pleasant aroma of Ambi Moti.

Because it is very easily digestible, AMbi Moti Rice is used as a Congee / Kanji for infants and elderly people. 

Health Benefits

Easily Digestible



Properties - Geography

GEOGRAPHY: Mountains
SIZE: Short Bold
COLOUR: Creamy White





Cooking Instructions

- Soak for 3 hrs and then drain the water
- In a thick bottom pot, Boil 3 cups of water for 1 cup of raw rice.
- If soaked, the rice will take 20 mins to cook
- If unsoaked, the rice will take about 35-40 mins to cook

* Do not wash the rice too much
** You can use the soaked water as a rinse for hair
*** Use an Open Vessel instead of a Pressure Cooker to maintain the aroma

Recommended Usage

Doodh Bhaat
Ghee Bhaat
Fried Rice

Commonly Known As


Tribal Wisdom

Easily Digestible
Good for Babies
Good for Elderly People
Pleasant Aroma

Traditionally Famous For