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Bansi, is a Durum wheat variety like Kalibal, and was selected from domesticated hulled Emmer wheat. About 10 varieties of Durum wheat were documented in India in the first decade of the 20th century. They were extensively cultivated for rotis, flavour, nutrition and and yield as compared to white and soft bread wheat varieties.

Modern Durum wheat varieties lack the advantages of heirloom Durum wheat varieties since they have been bred to improve their baking properties; one of the most important being that gluten in modern varieties is more easily accessible than the older varieties. 

Older Durum wheat varieties like Bansi are weak or less elastic due to poor gluten network, making them excellent for pasta and semolina.

Heirloom Bansi is rich in proteins and gluten. However, due to its hard endosperm, gluten is not easily accessible from this heirloom variety.

OOO Farms provides the heirloom Bansi wheat variety.

Health Benefits

Durum Wheat
Contains Less Complex Protein Structure
Easier to Digest
Rich in Protein
Rich in Gluten
Hard Endosperm

Recommended Usage


Commonly Known As

English: BANSI
Hindi: बंसी
Marathi: बंसी
Gujarati: બંસી
Tamil: பன்சி
Telugu: మొక్కజొన్న
Malayalam: ബൻസി
Kannada: ಬನ್ಸಿ
Punjabi: ਬੰਸੀ
Bengali: বনসি

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