Borod / बोरोड / Jungle Rice / Deccan Grass / Echinochloa colona (L.)

Local Name: Borod / बोरोड

Common Name: Jungle Rice / Deccan Grass

Botanical Name: Echinochloa colona (L.)

Status & Habitat

  • Habitat: Herb

  • Occurrence: Fields, and along roadsides and waterways

  • Season of Availability: Throughout the year

  • Geography: Tropical Africa, Asia

  • Method of Propagation: Seed propagation

  • Part used for Propagation: Seeds

Edible Parts

  • Edible Parts: Seeds

  • Can be Eaten Raw: No

Method of Consumption

  • Raw: No

  • Ripe: No

  • Both Raw & Ripe: No

  • Dangerous Form to Consume: Raw plant

  • As Food: Seeds eaten raw.

  • As Medicine: Seeds used as a famine food.

  • Cooking Method: Not typically eaten as it is a weed.

  • Preservation / Curing Technique: N/A

  • Does Require Another Plants to be cooked together: N/A

  • Souring Agents Required: N/A

Nutritional & Medicinal Benefits

  • Nutritional Benefit: High starch content

  • Medicinal Benefit: Helps relieve hunger (used as a famine food).

Tribal Wisdom

  • Tribal Wisdom: Seeds used as a famine food.


  • Tribal Recipe: Raw seeds eaten when there is a scarcity of food.