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Khanyachi Koyari / खाण्याची कोयरी / Mucuna sp.

Local Name: Khanyachi Koyari / खाण्याची कोयरी

Common Name: Magic Velvet Bean

Botanical Name: Mucuna sp.

Khanyachi Koyari / खाण्याची कोयरी / Mucuna sp.

Status & Habitat

  • Habitat: Climber

  • Occurrence: Tropical forests

  • Season of Availability: Year-round

  • Geography: Tropical Africa, Asia, America

  • Method of Propagation: Seed propagation

  • Part used for Propagation: Seeds

Edible Parts

  • Edible Parts: Pods

  • Can be Eaten Raw: No

Method of Consumption

  • Raw: No

  • Ripe: N/A

  • Both Raw & Ripe: N/A

  • Dangerous Form to Consume: Raw plant

  • As Food: Tender Pods and beans are boiled and eaten as a curry

  • As Medicine: Helps nourish nervous system.

  • Cooking Without Prior Boiling: Yes

  • Boiling Before Cooking: Yes

  • Pickling: N/A

  • Brining: N/A

  • Fermenting: N/A

  • Drying for later Consumption: Yes, Seeds

  • Overall Method: Boil raw green pods and beans to eat.

Nutritional & Medicinal Benefits

  • Nutritional Benefit: Rich in potassium and magnesium.

  • Medicinal Benefit: Great for nervous system, tonic, elephantiasis, eczema

Tribal Wisdom

  • Tribal Wisdom: Helps nourish nervous system.


  • Tribal Recipe: Tea: Mix tulsi powder, cinnamon, mucuna powder, ginger powder, fennel, cloves in a bowl. Boil 6 cups of water, add ingredients, simmer for 20 mins until reduced to 4 cups. Let cool, strain into a jar. Add honey if desired.