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NIGER SEED OIL / रामतिल / खुरासणी तेल

NIGER SEED OIL / रामतिल / खुरासणी तेल

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Niger Seed originated in Ethiopia where it was domesticated from about 2000 BCE. It then spread to India.

Although primarily grown in Ethiopia and India, it is also present in other countries of Africa, Southeast Asia and in West Indies. 

Niger Seed is also an excellent source of the fat soluble Vitamin K which is essential to reduce the risk of heart disease, kills cancer cells and enhances skin health.

Application of Niger Seed Oil on joints helps in Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

Niger Seed Oil is supposed to be used for sautéing and as a salad oil not a 'frying oil'.

Health Benefits

High Amount of Iron
Concentrated Source of Energy
Rich Source of Linoleic Acid
High Level of Vitamin K

Recommended Usage

Niger Seed Oil is used for sautéing and as a salad oil not a 'frying oil'.
Salad Oil
For Sauteing
For Joint Pain Massage

Commonly Known As

Hindi: रामतिल
Marathi: कारळे
Gujarati: રામ તલ
Tamil: உச்செல்லு
Telugu: వల్సులు
Kannada: ಗುರೆಳ್ಳು

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