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Ambemohar Rice (Unpolished) / आंबेमोहोर

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Good for pregnant women, rich in vitamin B complex and potassium & preferred for children and older people

Suitable for Daily-use rice, pulao, vaangi bhat, sweets, dumplings,rice paper, modak, dosa-idli, chinese fried rice, khichadi & masala bhat

OOO Farms Ambemohar Rice (Unpolished)
OOO Farms Ambemohar Rice (Unpolished) Package Frontside
OOO Farms Ambemohar Rice (Unpolished) in a Bowl

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The word Ambemohar means ‘Mango Blossom’ in Marathi language and has a strong aroma reminiscent of mango blossoms. The rice has been cultivated in the Maval region of Pune district in Maharashtra for a long time.

Historical evidence suggests that this rice had been a favourite in the courts of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj & Bajirao Peshwa because of its strong aroma and sweet smell. ‘Bajirao Peshwa’ is said to have held a feast for 175635 Brahmins in 1809 with the fine rice of Ambemohar variety, which was purchased from Maval-Mulshi region of Pune District.

OOO Farms' Ambemohar Rice grows in a region where soil is rich in Iron and Aluminium.

This rice variety is rich in Vitamin B Complex and Potassium. The cooked grains have a tendency to break easily and stick together. Therefore it is preferred for children and older people. It also has a GI Tag.


Health Benefits

Strengthens muscles
Great for pregnant women
Good for Weight Loss
Unpolished rice is Low in GI
Good for Diabetics



Properties - Geography

SIZE: Short
COLOUR: Brown & Red





Cooking Instructions

-Soak for 3 to 4 hrs and then drain the water
- In a thick bottom pot, Boil 3 cups of water for 1 cup of raw rice.
- If soaked, the rice will take 25 mins to cook
- If unsoaked, the rice will take about 45-55 mins to cook

* Do not wash the rice too much
** You can use the soaked water as a rinse for hair
*** Use an Open Vessel instead of a Pressure Cooker to maintain the aroma

Recommended Usage

Gluten-free Udon Noodles
Gluten-free Baos
Soft Idlis
Crispy Dosas

Commonly Known As


- Many farmers in the Maval region of Pune district have been cultivating Ambemohar rice for many generations. This region is towards the west of Pune area. It is a hilly terrain and part of the Sahyadri range/western ghats.
- Evidence of Ambemohar rice used in the feast and celebrations go back to the period of the “Peshwa regime”. During this period there was large demand for luxurious items like fine rice and sugarcane. ‘Bajirao Peshwa’ is said to have hosted a feast for 175635 Brahmins in 1809. And for this feast, the fine rice of Ambemohar variety was purchased from the Maval-Mulshi region of Pune District.

Tribal Wisdom

Great for pregnant women
Strengthens muscles

Traditionally Famous For

Used in wedding and religious ceremonies
Preferred food for children and the elderly because it sticks together and breaks easily
It is used for making ‘Vapholya’ - A traditional food item prepared during Makarsankranti festival.