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Mix Millet Flakes / Poha / मिक्स मिलेट्स पोहे

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Mix Millet Flakes or Poha makes for a great wholesome meal with its great Protein and low-fat content.
Kodo and Little Millets are rich in proteins, whereas Barnyard Millet has a solid Iron content.
Moreover, Litle Millet contains about 38% fibre which is the highest among cereals.
All of this makes the Mix Millet Poha a satiating meal that also helps improve BMI.

Health Benefits

Gluten Free
Great for Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity
Fibre Rich
Diabetic Friendly
Improves BMI
High in Antioxidants
High Protein Content
Low Fat Content
Rich in Iron
Rich in B Vitamins
Rich in Antioxidants


Little, Barnyard & Kodo Millet Flakes

Cooking Instructions

- Wash Mix Millet Poha thoroughly and Drain water
- Do not Soak the Poha
- Use in regular Poha recipes

Alternatively, Mix Millet Poha can also be used to make Breakfast Porridge"

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