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Daily Meal Staples

Rich in protein, high in fibre and excellent good fats makes this combo fuss-free, flavourful and nutritionally rich.

Select our combo of Ajara Ghansal Semi Polished Rice (500gms), Unpolished Pigeon Pea Dal (500gms), Foxtail Millet (500gms) & Groundnut Seed Oil (250ml).

Get a pack of Waigoan Turmeric (50gms) as a complementary gift.

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OOO Farms Daily Meal Staples Combo 1
OOO Farms Ajara Ghansal Rice (Semipolished)
OOO Farms Toor Dal (Unpolished)
OOO Farms Foxtail Whole Millet
OOO Farms Groundnut Oil
OOO Farms Waigon Turmeric Power
OOO Farms Recipe 1

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