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Sattaone Rice (Semi Polished) / सत्तावन्न

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Weight loss friendly, strengthens muscles & good for pregnant women

Suitable for sushi, arancini, dosa-idli, modak, khichadi & gluten free noodles

OOO Farms Sattaone Rice (Semi Polished)
OOO Farms Sattaone Rice (Semi Polished) Package Frontside
OOO Farms Sattaone Rice (Semi Polished) in a Bowl

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Sattaone is a Short Sized Aromatic Rice Variety.


Health Benefits



Properties - Geography

GEOGRAPHY : Mountain
SIZE : Short
COLOUR : Creamy White





Cooking Instructions

- Soak for 20 mins and then drain the water
- In a thick bottom pot, Boil 3 cups of water for 1 cup of raw rice.
- If soaked, the rice will take 20 mins to cook
- If unsoaked, the rice will take about 30 mins to cook

* Do not wash the rice too much
** You can use the soaked water as a rinse for hair
*** Use an Open Vessel instead of a Pressure Cooker to maintain the aroma

Recommended Usage

Commonly Known As


Tribal Wisdom

Traditionally Famous For