Aliv / अळीव / Muyna / Meyna laxiflora

Other Names

  • Local Name: Aliv / अळीव
  • Common Name: Muyna
  • Botanical Name: Meyna laxiflora

Status & Habitat

  • Habitat: Thorny Herb
  • Occurrence: Forests, Roadside, Farm Bunds, Mountainous Region
  • Season of Availability: May - Aug
  • Geography: Asia and Africa
  • Method of Propagation: Seed propagation
  • Part used for Propagation: Seeds

Edible Parts

  • Edible Parts: Fruits
  • Can be Eaten Raw: No

Method of Consumption

  • Raw: No
  • Ripe: No
  • Both Raw & Ripe: No
  • Dangerous Form to Consume: N/A
  • As Food: Fruits sundried and made into pickle.
  • As Medicine: Used medicinally to treat Kidney Stones, Goiter and Swellings
  • Cooking Method: - Fresh Aliv fruits are collected, washed and dried.
    - They are hen cut into 8 halves and seeds are removed.
    - Fruit pieces are mixed with approx 3% salt and sundried for 2-3 days.
    - These fruit pieces can be then used for preparing pickles
    after rehydration with water.
  • Preservation / Curing Technique: Pickling, Preserved with Salt.
  • Does Require Another Plants to be cooked together: No
  • Souring Agents Required: No

Nutritional & Medicinal Benefits

  • Nutritional Benefit: Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.
  • Medicinal Benefit: Helps treat kidney stones, swelling.

Tribal Wisdom

  • Tribal Wisdom: 
    - Used medicinally to treat Kidney Stones, Goiter and Swelling.
    - Ripe Aliv fruits are sundried and mixed with salt to be had as a snack.
    - Pickle is made from mature Aliv fruits.

Recipes / Usage

  • Tribal Recipe / Usage: Pickle Preparation:
    - Rehydrate 1 kg dried fruits with water.
    - Apply 2 tsps turmeric and some salt and keep it in sunlight for 5-6 hours.
    - Heat 1/2 cup oil in a pan and add 1 tbsp of coarsely ground mix of cloves, black pepper and fennel seeds.
    - Add 15 gms of turmeric powder and 40 gms of red chilli powder to the oil and spice mix to prepare the seasoning.
    - Remove from heat and pour over the sundried Aliv fruits.
    - Heat another 1/2 cup oil till the fruit-oil mix is cooling down
    - Once everything cools down, mix the fruits and oil in a clean and sterilized glass jar. Make sure to cover the fruits with enough oil to avoid spoilage.
    - Keep jar in a dry and cool place away from sunlight.

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Aliv / अळीव / Muyna / Meyna laxiflora

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