Conventional Agriculture, unfortunately, remains one of the top 3 pollutants of air, water and soil. This has resulted in the decline of the quality of human and animal life on our planet. One of the most disastrous outcomes of this, however, has been the decline of our Gut Health. The modern techniques adopted by agriculture have also contributed to the dwindling of carbon sequestration of soil which has ultimately brought about major catastrophic climatic changes.

Most modern solutions to the problems created by recent agricultural practices are on ventilators – they might not even succeed. Time and again, however, indigenous (देसी) wisdom and ancestral native practices have proved to be successful in the conservation of soil, seeds, microclimates and biodiversity. Maybe this is finally the way forward?

OOO Farms first started with the lofty idea of greening the mountains by planting trees. Guess, how did that shape up? Hint : Disaster. 

This process, however, helped us observe the indigenous communities and their daily lives. At some point, we got acquainted enough to be offered fragrant native (देसी ) rice with simple curries. And that is where the movement of OOO Farms actually began - in the humble kitchens of indigenous people.