OOO Farms is a movement

OOO Farms is an accidental social venture. More of a movement, really. 

A movement engaged in more than 63 village hamlets in Maharashtra and Gujarat, we work with about 2200 farmers trying to safeguard indigenous farming practices, native seeds and communal culture. In the last 4 years, OOO Farms has distributed 12,000 kgs of free native (देसी ) and regenerative seeds to different farming communities and have encouraged them to use their local age-old agricultural practices that naturally promote biodiversity and agroecology. Our only requisite - we work with a community of farmers in every hamlet and never with individual farmers, thus strengthening harmony over competition. 

The remarkable changes in soil health we have observed in the past 4 years, through our work with the indigenous farming community, has solidified our belief in ‘Nutrition per Acre versus Yield per Acre’. Produce when grown with indigenous  (देसी ) seeds, no chemical inputs and in accordance with the existing natural environment is not only supportive of soil health but also superior in nutrition and improves Gut Health. 

Restoration of life is nothing but an interconnected web where symbiosis is of utmost value

This is the belief of OOO Farms. And we hope the movement will keep growing and the wounds of Earth will slowly begin to heal themselves.