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Bal Hirda Dried Fruit

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Gentle laxative, treats fever-cough-cold, immunity boosting anti-inflammatory emollient & improves eyesight

Ayurvedic staple

Bal Hirda Dried Fruit
Bal Hirda Dried Fruit

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Bal Hirda or Haritaki has been an Ayurvedic staple from ages. 

Bal Hirda has a long list benefits, like, treating fevers, colds and coughs, improving eyesight, reducing pain, treating skin conditions and reducing inflammation. It also acts as a gentle laxative and bowel regulatory tonic.

OOO Farms' Indigenous Bal Hirda comes from Haritaki Forests.


Health Benefits

Gentle Laxative
Treats Fever, Cold & Cough
Immunity Boosting
Improves Vision

Recommended Usage

- Consume 1 Bal Hirda with 1 tsp of honey each morning.
- It is advisable to chew the Bal Hirda piece that crush it into powder.

Commonly Known As

English: HARAD
Hindi: हरड़
Marathi: हिरड
Gujarati: હરડે
Tamil: கடுக்காய்
Telugu: నల్లకారక
Malayalam: കടുക്ക
Kannada: ಅಳಲೆ
Bengali: হরিতকী