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Rice Festival / भात महोत्स्व

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4th February 2023, Saturday 3:30 PM to 9 PM

Jio World Drive (South Sky), BKC Mumbai

₹ 900 / Person
INCLUDES Entry + 20 Rice Tasting Recipes + Dinner + Traditional Art

Call & WhatsApp on: 7208002008 / 9724466222

Rice Festival / भात महोत्स्व
Rice Festival / भात महोत्स्व
Rice Festival / भात महोत्स्व
Rice Festival / भात महोत्स्व
Rice Festival / भात महोत्स्व
Rice Festival / भात महोत्स्व


  • Showcase of 300 Plus Varieties of Ancient Folk RICE Of INDIA of Maharashtra & India right from White, Brown, Red, Black, Green, Aromatic, Fine, Small Grain, Long Grain, Sticky, Smooth, Medicinal Folk rice
  • Key Note Speakers / Domain Experts An Awareness Lecture on Traditional Wisdom about Rice Diversity & its Nutritional Aspects & state Of Farmers and Farming Communities
  • Performances by Traditional Tribal Artist & Interaction with Expert Farmers
  • Display Of OOO Farms Seed Bank
  • TASTING : Taste Around 20 Plus Varieties made out of Folk Rice 
  • DINNER : Followed By Dinner Full of Flavourful and Aromatic Rice
  • Farmers Market where you can Buy these Indigenous Rice, Pulses, Lentils, Oils, Honey etc

Why Rice Festival ?

Rice has a special place across the Indian Subcontinent. Rice is included in pretty much every meal of the day in India. Culturally, rice is often directly associated with prosperity and fertility, hence there is the custom of throwing rice at newlyweds. In India, rice is always the first food offered to the babies when they start eating solids or to the husband by his new bride, to ensure they will have children. Rice is also used in Temples for worship and as medicine for many ailments. Such is the importance of Rice in India.

Save Our Rice

India had once, 1 Lakh 40 thousand varieties of rice officially documented til 1960. The exact origin of rice will perhaps never be known. However, it is certain that domestication of rice ranks as one of the most important developments in history. With the advent of the green revolution, & hybridization in agriculture, the diversity of rice has reduced to just a couple of thousands. Let us save our rice diversity by being aware of our indigenous Rice.