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Whole Pigeon Pea / Toor / तूर / अरहर

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Diabetic friendly, great source of vit. A, vit. C, iron, sulphur and calcium, low cholesterol & low lipid content

Suitable for dal & khichadi

OOO Farms Whole Toor
OOO Farms Whole Toor in a Bowl

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Originated and domesticated in the Indian subcontinent 3500 years ago, this native legume is a fantastic source of Iron, Sulphur and Calcium.

Besides being diabetic-friendly, Pigeon Pea or Toor is also a great source of Vit. A & C. In fact, Toor contains 5 times more Vitamin A and 3 times more Vitamin C than other peas.

Toor also contains 20-22% Protein, 1.2% Fat & 65% Carbohydrate making it a lentil with minimum Cholesterol and very low in Lipid content.

Health Benefits

Good Source of Vit. A
Good Source of Vit. C
Good Source of Amino Acids

Cooking Instructions


1. Soak Whole Toor for at least 6 hours or overnight.
2. Remove water, rinse and place the Toor in a pressure cooker and cook for 1-2 whistles.
3. Let cool and use it in desired recipes to make curries or dal.

Recommended Usage


Commonly Known As

Devanagari: तूर / अरहर
Marathi: तूर
Gujarati: તુવર
Tamil: துவாரம்
Telugu: కంది
Malayalam: തുവർ
Kannada: ತೊಗರಿ
Punjabi: ਟੂਰ


Domesticated in the Indian subcontinent about 3500 years ago.

It also seemed to have appeared around 2000 BC in West Africa, which is considered a second major center of origin.

The slave trade took it to West Indies, where its use as a bird feed led it to the name 'pigeon pea' in 1692.